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Mobile Food Service Unit Application


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    2. City of Deer Park - Application for Mobile Food Service Unit

      Each person, business, firm or corporation wishing to operate a Mobile Food Service Unit in the City of Deer Park is required to obtain a permit.  This form must be completed in its entirely.  

      Per Ordinance No. 4070 - Adopted 4/16/2019. Amended Per Ordinance No. 4136 - Adopted 1/21/2020

    3. Notification*

      By checking the box you acknowledge that you have read the legal notice and are aware of the ramifications of a violation of the City of Deer Park Ordinance No. 4070, and you further understand you are responsible for providing all responsible parties with a copy of the permit and ensuring compliance with the ordinance.  

      Ordinances can be found on the city's website - under City Secretary - Code of Ordinances. 

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      Not all may be applicable.  If you have issues with uploading please reach out to Jessica Rackley at 281-478-7242 or