Drainage Maintenance

Worker clearing a ditchDeer Park Drainage System

Deer Park has a drainage system which is composed of both open and closed segments. The open sections are drainage swales / ditches which are utilized to carry storm waters away from homes to drainage areas. The closed system is comprised of storm water inlets and storm drain pipes which also carry the water from streets and developments to drainage areas. Maintenance of these systems is very important. Debris in ditches and streams obstruct the flow of water which can cause overflow onto roads and into yards. Maintenance of the drainage system is very important so that a high flow capacity can be realized. To aid in this, the City of Deer Park clears and performs other maintenance work on the system at least twice a year. Work is also performed on an emergency basis as needed.

Maintaining Ditches

Citizens are expected to perform routine maintenance on ditches located on right of ways in front of their properties. This includes the removal of high weeds, litter, or other items which may be considered a nuisance. Also, property shall be maintained so that water cannot become stagnant and breeding areas are not provided for mosquitoes.


Dumping in our ditches and storage basins is against city ordinance and could result in a fine. Please report illegal dumping to 281-478-7252 or fill out the online form.

Projects on Your Property

Always check with the Building Department before you build on, fill, alter, or regrade your property. A permit is needed to ensure that such projects do not cause problems for other properties.

Drainage Issues

To report drainage issues, fill out the online form.