Board of Adjustment/Planning and Zoning Commission


  • 6:28/6:30 p.m.
  • First Monday of each month
  • Council Chambers at City Hall
    710 E San Augustine
    Deer Park, TX 77536

Should a holiday fall on a regularly scheduled meeting date, the meeting is held the following Monday.


  • Douglas Cox (Chairman)
  • Stan Garrett
  • Danielle Wendeburg

  • Ray Balusek
  • Don Tippit
  • Troy Cothran, Alternate
  • Denise Bryan, Alternate

 Rezones                                                    Specific Use                                 

 1812 Center Street                                  4610 Center Street



The Planning and Zoning Commission recommends changes on the city’s zoning ordinances and has final approval on subdivision plans. All five members of the Planning and Zoning Commission also serve as the Board of Adjustment, taking action on proposed variances to the zoning ordinance.