Fleet Maintenance


It’s the things we take for granted that can immobilize a city: Water, sewer, electricity, and sanitation are a few of the things we tend to take for granted.  Actually, municipal fleet maintenance is a very necessary and important division that has an overall effect on our City.  Consider not only our emergency response vehicles but also all the other fleet vehicles out there.  Whether the vehicles are used to repair water lines, sewer lines, lift stations, mow parks, perform drainage maintenance etc., without our fleet being well maintained it would be impossible for the various City departments to perform their duties.  

The mission of the Fleet Maintenance Division is to provide high quality, cost effective and sustainable fleet management and maintenance services to our customer departments.  The division is responsible for maintaining all city vehicles and large equipment, which includes: garbage trucks, 18-wheel tractor trailers, dump trucks, backhoes, large mowers, police vehicles, city trucks, etc.  Keeping our fleet in good operational condition means they will have a longer life span.