Our History

The Deer Park Volunteer Fire Department was established in 1950 to provide fire protection to the citizens of Deer Park. At that time there were 11 charter members, one fire engine and a one bay fire station.In the early 1950's, the south end of Deer Park between Red Bluff and Old Center St. and from Spencer Highway to Pasadena Blvd was known as South Pasadena Place, prior to being annexed by Deer Park (in the Area of Kingsdale, Hillshire, Estate, etc.).

On Kingsdale, where the current Kingsdale Recreation Center is located was the South Pasadena Place Fire Station, founded by a group of citizens who had no affiliation to the Pasadena Fire Department. When Deer Park annexed South Pasadena Place in the early 1950's, the department was disbanded and an old pumper they had purchased was sold. The building that housed the pumper later became the first library in Deer Park, and now the slab currently serves as a basketball court. Since that time, the Deer Park Volunteer Fire Department has grown to serve an area of approximately 17 square miles in Southeast Harris County, consisting of The City of Deer Park and the industrial district, which houses many of the largest producers of petro chemicals along the Houston Ship Channel. The membership has grown to over 80 members, 16 pieces of equipment, 4 command vehicles, 4 support vehicles, 3 fire stations and a training field. The Volunteers of Deer Park provide Fire and EMS coverage to over 33,000 citizens that live within the city, as well as fire education to over 3000 children each year. Current call volume averages about 3,000 per year.