Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement Division
Code enforcement officers provide essential and beneficial services that ensure quality of life within the City of Deer Park. Deer Park's Code Enforcement Division handles the daily citizen complaints relating to potential violations of various city ordinances that are not criminal in nature.

Common Violations
Some of the violations that code enforcement officers respond to include:

  • Dirty pools collecting mosquitoes
  • Encroachment of easement
  • Encroachment of right of way
  • Falling fence
  • Graffiti
  • High grass
  • Home business
  • Illegal barbecue pit
  • Illegal containers
  • Junk debris
  • Junk vehicles
  • Low hanging trees
  • No building permit
  • No plumbing permit
  • No electrical permit
  • No mechanical permit
  • No garage sale permit
  • No fence around pool
  • Occupied RV trailers
  • Parking on front yard grass
  • Raw sewage on the ground

Report Code Violations

You can report city code violations by visiting Report A Concern.

Request for Variance

If construction plans do not comply with the City of Deer Park Code of Ordinances, a variance is required. Please check out our guidelines for requesting a variance for more information.

Code Enforcement Contacts:               

Marsha Price

Email Marsha Price

Heather Callaway

Email Heather Callaway